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Dreamland / Au Pays des Rêves

by Jessie’ Art

Jessie’ Art Website

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by Michael Havard

Anxiety exchanged for a smile
Courage presents herself in black sheer
Flaws hidden in shadows
Doubts put aside, but not the fear

A momentary happiness
But the mirror reflects the mix
An eager smile returned
A frown for what she cannot fix

How easy it had been
To lay her heart out bare
But not so with her body
So why would she dare

But the deed is done quick
And with loving intents
All that she is and is not
To him she presents

Then courage is rewarded
With his eyes joyful and warm
His arms open in welcome
To her lace covered form

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by Kira Rose

Melted crayon art

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Reach for the Stars!

by Linda Callaghan

Linda was the recipient of The Rose Lindsay Art Prize on August 26, 2011 for the most outstanding painting in the Springwood Art Show for her Blue Mountains, 3 Sisters painting.

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Dark Ulcer

by Michelle Dee

Your salvation has turned into my ulcer
Satisfaction in discovery digested
Overshadowed, Unacknowledged, Invalidated
Sickened- I cannot support the light
Nor beam in your direction the simplest of smiles
There are smiles all around you
Should I manage to squeeze one out
Only to have it wiped from my face
And pat on your back? Or his back? Or hers?
Go now, in your brilliance
I know Darkness well
I call it Shadow, Black Heart and Umbra
All are heavy, overbearing
Hovering over me in a corner
Stuffiness, sporadic gasping
Dying waiting for my breath
Hello Resentment, I think we’ll be great friends.

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Keeper Series No. 3: “Keeper of the Sacred Blood Lines”

by Victoria Potter


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by J.Miz


ive looked in his eyes
cool pools of forever
lungs devoid of air
mind unaware of time
and i have feared

i’ve felt his confident weight
smothering my insecurity
paralyzing my need to run
tiny pieces of heart mending
and dare i say fluttering

for at least 8 days i’ve stifled
choked back
the 3 words i’ve always felt
because i’ve always lived 3 others

please not again
this isn’t real
it’s a ruse
nothing last forever
don’t leave me

i love you

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